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House of Music History: We have been supplying DJs and dance/rave fans with music since 1992 first with 3 shops and distribution in the UK vinyl/records, CDs & DJ packs/sets moved on line in 1999 adding professional DJ mp3 packs, DJ tools & Live DJ Club Sets via download and on the very best quality audio USB 3.0 to customers throughout the world from the UK, well-priced quality products combined with speedy delivery. In November 2020 because of little demand due to covid our supplier for monthly DJ packs ceased trading. For a limited time we will be offering our Professional 320 kbps DJ Packs as ” DJs Mp3 Back Catalogue ” at a great price which will be a great way for you to build your own back catalogue or to add to your collection. 2021 gone back to our roots building on our old school rave/dance collections, Essential Old School DJ Packs, Oldskool Live DJ & Club Sets, Rare & Deleted Oldskool Vinyl/Records and DJ’s & Producers Samples / DJ Tools.

  • DJs Mp3 Back Catalogue 2018, 2019 & 2020 are now available for a limited time only.

1980 ’90S ESSENTIAL DJ MP3 PACKS: You can find old school mp3s anywhere but how can you be sure that the quality is right? specially with old school tracks as most have been around for a long time, 320 kbps or are they actually only 128/192 kbps that have been upscaled afterwards to show 320 kbps? Yes unfortunately this happens, our 1980 ’90s Essential DJ Mp3 Packs are put through a spectrum analysis test and are guaranteed 320 kbps.

Due to new export rules: Please be aware we now only ship/post within the United Kingdom (UK) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland until further notice.

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COVID-19 is having a serious impact on our communities around the world. We understand that there are uncertainties right now. But we want to reassure you that House of Music is still up and running.


  • DJs Mp3 Back Catalogue 2018 ’19 ’20