1980 ’90s DJ & Producer Ultimate Vocals Collection (On USB)


Media: USB Memory Stick / Format: WAV

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Royalty free professional quality WAV samples for use in your Digital Audio Workstation / Music production Software ie: Logic pro, Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops, Steinberg, Cubase, Traktor… all software & samplers.

DJs & Producers Sampler
Style: Ultimate Vocals Collection
Media: USB Memory Stick
Plug & Play on devices with USB Connection
Format: WAV
Quality: Ultimate Professional top class crystal clear quality
Number of Samples: 14,000+
Download Size: 20GB

Perfect for any Music Producer & DJ.

Multi samples index: All files are neatly labelled and categorised in their relevant folders

Historical moments, Radio transmissions, Reggae, Rock, Swing, Cut-vocals, Vocals and SFX Loops, Movie quotes & sound effects, House Essentials Vocals, Dance, Crowds, Naughty Vocals, Screams, Sexy Vocals, Vocal Scratches..

Plus much much much more