HISTORY OF HOUSE 80s-90s Classic Oldskool Dance Box Sets Collection ON USB


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Allister Whitehead – BOXED95 Single Tape
Allister Whitehead [Lets Do The Pork knuckle Shuffle]
Allister Whitehead – BOXED96 Single Tape
BackToBasics – Billy Nasty [Planet Reebok]
BackToBasics Danny Rampling – Jon Pleased Wimmin [Two Steps Further than Any other Fucker]
BackToBasics Derrick Carter – Murk [The University Of House – More Front Than Dolly Parton]
BackToBasics Derrick Carter [Five Years old – The Party Still Goes On]
BackToBasics Jeremy Healy [Saints & Sinners]
BackToBasics Johnny Vicious – Fran‡ois Kevorkian [Stripped To The Bone, The Dogs Bollocks]
BackToBasics Jon Pleased Wimmin [Large Salad]
BackToBasics Jon Pleased Wimmin [Stickin It To Ya]
BackToBasics Justin Robertson [Who Is Who]
BackToBasics Marshall Jefferson – Dj Sneak [Got The Message]
BackToBasics Paul Oakenfold [Natural Born Thrillers]
BackToBasics Ralph Lawson – Claudio Coccoluto
BackToBasics Ron Trent – Derrick Carter [This Ain’t Chicargo,This Is F**king Leeds]
BackToBasics Vol#2 Paul Oakenfold
Boy George – Jeremy Healy BOXED96 Double Pack
Boy George – Jeremy Healy [Bloated Billy Bunters Bail Bond !]
Carl Cox – Ian Ossia – BOXED95 Single Tape
CJ Mackintosh – Allister Whitehead [Mick Sez Heez Just Downed A Pint Of Hot Steaming Man Fat]
Club Classics Vol.1
Danny Rampling – Tall Paul Newman
Danny Tenaglia – Masters at Work [No Diving !!!!]
David Morales [Rug Back Hom Tour 95 SugarShack]
Deep Beats – Afrika Bambaataa
Deep Beats Hidden Agenda [A Superior Collection Of Intelligent Drum & Bass #1]
Deep Beats Trip Hop #2
Deja Vu Vol#1 Tom Wainwright – Allister Whitehead
Deja Vu Vol#2 – Danny Rampling – Ian Ossia
Drum and Bass Arena Anthology
Global Underground #96 Mix Sasha
Global Underground #96 Mix Vol#1 Paul Oakenfold
Global Underground #96 Mix Vol#2 Paul Oakenfold [Sound Factory (Twilo) Mix]
Graeme Park – Danny Rampling [My Postmans Got A Swollen Sack]
Graeme Park [I Sell Sea Shells On The]
Graham Gold
Hard Times Elliot Eastwick – Miles Hollway
Hidden Agenda [Intelligent Drum & Bass #3]
High Contrast & London Elektricity – This Is Drum & Bass
Jeremy Healy – Farley Jackmaster Funk
Jeremy Healy – Jon Pleased Wimmin [Lash Ties The Knot]
Jeremy Healy – Seb Fontaine
Jeremy Healy [70s Man Is Feeling Lucky]
John Digweed – Ian Ossia [70s Man Is Feeling Lucky]
John Digweed [Ace Of Clubs]
Jon Pleased Wimmin – Graham Gold
Jon Pleased Wimmin CatBxd707
Josh Wink – Justin Robertson [Stop Dragging Her Like That]
Love To Be Dave Seaman – Luv Dup [(Extra Sensory Perfection Tour) The Music Factory Sheffield]
Love To Be Graeme Park – Tom Wainwright [(Extra Sensory Perfection Tour) The Music Factory Sheffield]
Love To Be Jeremy Healy – Jon Pleased Wimmin [The Music Factory Sheffield (Worth Waiting For)]
Love To Be Jeremy Healy [The Music Factory Sheffield (On Time)]
Nice FM Mix Jon Pleased Wimmin – Jon Da Silva
Parks & Wilson [Trance The Future Is Clear]
Retro Anthems #1 – 88-92 [Classic Anthems That Changed Your Life]
Retro Anthems #2
Roger Sanchez – Masters At Work [I’ve Got A Cheese Grater Down My Trousers]
Sasha & John Digweed [Mick Says He Likes Faggots For Tea]
Sasha [Ace Of Clubs]
Sasha Catbxd404
Sixteenth Southport Dance Music Weekender Graeme Park
Sixteenth Southport Dance Music Weekender Jeremy Healy
SugarShack Allister Whitehead – Jeremy Healy
The Forth [Encoded]
The Forth [Summer Of 97 Ibiza Chillout]
The Hacienda Classics 1988-92 Featuring Resident Nipper
The Hacienda Graeme Park – Tom Wainwright [Spring-Summer96]
The Hacienda Graeme Park – Tom Wainwright [Winter 95-96]
Tom Wainwright
Tony De Vit – Tall Paul Newman
UK Midlands Jeremy Healy – Allister Whitehead
UpYerRonson Vol #1 Sasha
UpYerRonson Vol #2 Jeremy Healy – Graeme Park
UpYerRonson Vol #3 Graeme Park – Allister Whitehead
UpYerRonson Vol #4 Marshal – Andy Ward – Niel Metzenr [Ibiza Reunion UpYerRonson Residents]
UpYerRonson Vol #5 Jeremy Healy – Brandon Block
UpYerRonson Vol #6 Marshal – Neil Metzner – Paul Murray [UpYerRonson Residents]
Space Face Loveshack Blackpool 1991

Released: 1980s 90s
Style: House
Media: USB Memory Stick
Format: mp3 (mixed)
Total Play Time: Over 190 Hours

no more doggy or scratched discs just plug & play

Plug & Play on devices with USB Connection (also can play mp3 format), transfer to laptop / PC / iPod / iPhone / mobile / CD.. great to give as a gift or you could just treat yourself. 

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