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Reggae, Dancehall & Cartoon, DJ & Producer Sound FX (Sound Effects) (On USB)


Media: Audio CD / Format: Various kbps MP3s

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PART 1: 500 Reggae, Dancehall DJ & Producer Royalty Free Sound FX (Sound Effects)

Media: USB Memory Stick
Format: Mp3 Various kbps
Number of Sound Effects: 500

Give your Dj gig or Mix tape that Extra Boost with these Amazing Dj Samples. Get the Latest Horns, Sirens, Vocals, Pull Ups (Wheels) and Drops from the Hottest Reggae, Dancehall and Soca Djs and Artists. These Sound Effects are used by the Reigning Radio Stations as well as from the Best Djs in the Caribbean.

Just some of the Reggae, Dancehall sound effects we strong together as a exemple


PART 2: Cartoon Sound Effects – Royalty Free – Production FX (Sound Effects)

Media: USB Memory Stick
Format: Mp3 Various kbps
Number of Sound Effects: 2500

This Library is jam packed with more than 2,500 royalty free sound effects. It features all the great sounds that have become synonymous with legendary cartoon shows like The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, and all the rest of the cartoon sound effects gang. All of the effects have been digitally mastered with state-of-the-art noise reduction techniques to make them cleaner and funnier, than ever before.

The comprehensive comedy sounds collection also includes:
HB01 Arrows, Military Battles, Bites, Bloods, Boings, Blinks, Bounces, Branch Breaks, Bubbles to Glass Smashes, Spins, Splats & Sputters
HB02 Squeaks, Squirts, Steam Sounds, Stretches, Rope Stretches, Swishes, Swooshes, Swords, Teeth, Thuds, Thumps, Tip Toes, Trumpets, Twangs, Twirls, Water Splashes, Underwater Sounds, Wobbles, Zips, Zonks, Zooms, Animals & Birds
HB03 Magic, Electricity, Electronic Sounds, Jetsons’ Doorbell, Sci Fi Sounds, Titan Rocket Blast Off, Space Ship Sounds, Flying Saucer Sounds, Jetsons’ Space Capsule Sounds, Jet Pack Sounds, Tube Sounds, Spacey Swooshes, Avalanches, Earthquakes, Fires, Rockslides, Thunder, Water Sounds, Wind
HB04 Airplanes, Jet Airplanes, Prop Airplanes, Autos, Tire Squeals, Jet Boats, Helicopters, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Steam Trains, Computers, Impact Wrenches, Machines, Motors, Presses, Pumps, Crowds, Kisses, Screams
HB05 Bonus Content.