Ultimate Crystal Clear Samples & Loops Collection Pack 1


Media: Zip File / Download / Format: WAV


Royalty free professional quality WAV samples for use in your Digital Audio Workstation / Music production Software ie: Logic pro, Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops, Steinberg, Cubase, Traktor … all software & samplers.

DJs & Producers Samples & Loops Pack 1
Media: Download / Zip File
Format: WAV
Number of Samples: 60,000+
Download Size: 38GB

Professional top class crystal clear wav samples.
Perfect for any Music Producers & DJs.

Multi samples index:
All files are neatly labelled and categorised in their relevant folders

Style: Example: Drum n Bass – Jungle – Hip-Hop – R&B – Urban – Vocals – Deep – Funky – Disco – House – Disco Groove – Pop – Nu Disco – Dubstep – Funk – Acid, plus much more

BASS: Hip Hop Bass, Serious Bass, Sub Bassline

Construction Kits: DJ Beat – Loops & Shots: Assembled Beats – Bass Synths – Breaks – Complex Beats – Digital Synths – Filtered Beats – Hybrid Synths – Micro Beat High – Micro Beat Low 100bpm, MIDI Drums, MIDI Synths, Modular Beats – Single shots, Snares Claps & Kicks, Tempo Tracks – Crazy Loops – FX: D&B & Jungle FX – FX – Interference, Scratches, Sound Effects – Loops: Down Tempo Loops, Drum & Bass loops, FL loops, Gangsta & To Old4Skool Loops, Hip hop loops, In My Jungle Loops, PS Drum & Bass loops, Psycho Loops

Acoustic Drum N Bass: Loops – One Shots
Drum & Bass Full Explosion: Artist Drum Solos – A-sides breaks – Batchelors of Science – (Remix Parts) – Beats.from.the.attic-vol.1 – Bluewater Breaks – BOP – BREAKS-166-168-170BPM – Brian Daly Drums – Fills, Percussion, Processed Drums, Rock Beats, Tom Tom Beats – BS1-samples – Classic Breaks-1 – Classic Multiloop-1 – Classics – Dave Abbruzzese Drums – DJ Random presents the funk breaks – Elektromekanik Breaks – Fills & Rolls – Icicle – Time To Remember (Remix Parts) – Metalheadz sound bank – Paradox Breaks – Pendulum Kit Samples – Photek – Fake ID – Remix Parts – PN – Clean Breaks – PN – Rare Grooves – Rare Funk Breaks – Rhythm-lab 102dnb_drumloops – Rhythm-lab amen pack – Rhythm-lab drumfunk_breaks_vol1 – Subfocus – Airplane (Kicks + Snares) – Subsurface Breaks Pack – The mystery section care of affliction – Valve sound pack, Acoustic guitar, House Piano, Marcato Strings, – Various Breaks – Voyager DnB Samples.

Drum n Bass FX & Loops: Sounds And FX, Bass Hits, Beat Fills, Drum Hits, Pad Chords, Riser FX, Vocals – Loops, Bass loops, Drum Construction Kit, Full Drum loops, Lead loops, Music loops, Percussion loops.
Urban Samples: Drum Loops, Beats, Sessions – FX, FX Hits, FX Loops, Noizer, Reverse, Scratches, Vox – Melodic Loops,Pizzicato, Clav, Bass, Flute, Organ, Strings,Guitar, Orchestral Loops, Synth Loops, Harp Loops, Commodore, Brass, Piano, Hit Combos, Misc Instruments.

Deep House: Bass – Beats, Full, Tops – FX – Hits – Synth – Music – Bass Hits – Bassline – Drum Beats – SEDH – Drums – 01 Kicks – SEDH – Drums – 02 Hi Hats – SEDH – Drums – 03 Snares – SEDH – Drums – 04 Percussion – SEDH – Filter loops – SEDH – Full loops – SEDH – Synth loops.
Deep Funky House Vol.1: Crazy Night Kit – Gospel House Kit – M Groove Kit – Soulmate Kit – Teclas Kit.
Digital House Anthems: MDA Sounds FX, Tempoed FX, Vocal Hits – MDA Wav loops, Bass loops, Bonus Beats loops, Electro Bleep loops, Piano Strings loops Synths Instrument loops, Vocal loops,
Disco House: Bass loops – Drum Hits, Crashes, Hats, Kicks, Percussion, Snares & Claps – Drum loops – FX – Guitar loops – Music loops – Synth & key loops – Top loops – Bonus loops.

Freak Samples Pro.Bundle Studio.1 House: Claps – Drum – FX, Down-filter, Impact, Up-filter – Percussion.
House Guitars: Clean_125, Re-sampled_125, Riffs_125, Short Licks_125, Wah_125.
House Pack 1: Bass 125_128 – Drum Hits, FX, Hi Hats, Kicks, Percussion, Snares and Claps – Drums 125_128 – Synth 125_128 – Tops 125_128.
Live House Elements: RF Sounds And FX, RF Bass, RF Drum Hits, RF Instruments, RF Percussion, RF Shakers, RF Synths – RF Wav Loops, RF Bass Loops, RF Drum Loops,  RF Instruments Loops, RF Percussion Loops, RF Synths Loops, RF Tambourine and Shaker Loops. Prog House Drums: Effects & Loops.

Plus much much more…

Note: Files are in a Zip file! You will need WinZip or you can use the free 7-zip “www.7-zip.org” to unzip the file. Download links are provided in the email that will be sent to your email address upon payment and also can be found in your account if you have open an account, links stay active for 7 days.